Cars 2 On Blu-Ray / DVD

Cars 2 ON Blu-Ray / DVD

Although I have not seen it yet, yes I know its CRAZY, I am excited for the Blu-Ray release!  This may be the first Pixar movie I did NOT see in the theater!

Lightning McQueen (voice by Owen Wilson), Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), Sally (Bonnie Hunt), and the rest of the gang from Radiator Springs return to the screen in this sequel to Pixar’s Cars (2006). But instead of evoking a nostalgic vision of Route 66 through the American Southwest, director John Lasseter and his artists spoof James Bond films in a fast-paced adventure that mixes espionage and road racing. After a successful season on the track, Lightning is looking forward to some rest at home, but Mater gets him involved in an elaborate three-part international race sponsored by Sir Miles Axlerod (Eddie Izzard) to promote his new synthetic auto fuel. While serving on Lightning’s pit crew, Mater inadvertently gets mixed up with two British secret agent cars, Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) and Holley Shiftwell (Emily Mortimer), who are investigating a plot to sabotage the race. Myriad complications ensue before Lightning and Mater get back to the (relative) peace of Radiator Springs. The Pixar artists clearly had a lot of fun spoofing locations in Tokyo, London, Paris, and the Italian Riviera, and creating auto versions of sumo wrestlers, kabuki actors, Queen Elizabeth II, and a doting Italian mother. The use of 3-D adds adrenaline to the racing sequences. Cars 2 lacks the emotional impact of Toy Story 2, Up, and most of the other Pixar features, but that will do little to lessen its appeal to its target audience, boys who love cars, driving games, and car toys. Cars 2 is screening with Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation, a new short with Woody, Buzz, Barbie, Ken, and the rest of the Toy Story gang. (Rated G: minor toilet humor and a few scary moments.)

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Toy Story 1 And 2 In 3D!

Moviegoers are in for twice the fun and triple the thrills as The Walt Disney Studios prepares to debut the Disney Digital 3D versions of Disney-Pixar’s beloved animated features – Toy Story and Toy Story 2 – during a special limited engagement starting on October 2, 2009.

This extraordinary double feature, taking the latest advances in digital 3D technology “to infinity and beyond,” will play exclusively in 3D. Toy Story, the industry’s first ever computer-animated feature and the first feature released by Pixar Animation Studios in 1995, and Toy Story 2, the critically acclaimed sequel that debuted in 1999, were both directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker John Lasseter. Both films have been meticulously re-rendered in 3D from the original digital files using the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Disney to release all future Pixar movies in 3-D

Disney to release all future Pixar movies in 3-D
Lineup includes ‘Rapunzel,’ ‘Up’ and ‘King of the Elves’


updated 5:14 p.m. ET, Tues., April. 8, 2008
NEW YORK – The Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday its Pixar animation studio is committing to 3-D and will release all of its movies in the format beginning with “Up” next year.

Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter made the announcement in New York at a presentation of Disney’s upcoming lineup of animated movies through 2012.

He said Walt Disney Animation Studios will offer “The Princess and the Frog,” a musical set in New Orleans, in the traditional hand-drawn format for release for Christmas 2009.

Meanwhile, Pixar movies will be released in 3-D and the traditional two-dimensional format, beginning in May 2009 with “Up,” about an elderly widower who embarks on a South American adventure.

Lasseter said he has been inspired by three-dimensional photography for decades.

“I love 3-D. I made a 3-D computer-animated short in 1989 called ’Nickname,’ and in fact my wedding pictures with my beautiful wife Nancy were made in 3-D,” he said.

The lineup from Walt Disney Animation Studios also includes the November release of “Bolt,” the story of an actor dog who believes he has super powers; “Rapunzel,” a retelling of the fairy tale set for release for Christmas 2010; and the modern-day fantasy “King of the Elves,” set for release for Christmas 2012. Those films will be released in both 3-D and two-dimensional formats.

Pixar’s upcoming releases include “Toy Story 3” in June 2010; “newt,” a love story involving the last two blue-footed newts alive, set for the summer 2011; the Scottish fantasy “The Bear and the Bow” for Christmas 2011; and “Cars 2” in the summer of 2012.

Pixar also plans to rerelease the original “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” in the 3-D format.

During its lengthy presentation, Disney also showed a 30-minute clip of “Wall-E,” set for release June 27. It tells a love story between the title character, a robot left alone on Earth for 700 years, and another robot named Eve sent to look for life.

“The population had to abandon Earth for a while, and they left little Wall-E there to clean it up,” said Richard Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios.

The only clue creators gave for the upcoming “Toy Story 3” tale was that Andy, the boy who owned the toys, has grown up and is about to head off to college.

“Wall-E” is the first Pixar release since last summer’s “Ratatouille,” which grossed more than $620 million at the worldwide box office.

“Ratatouille” was the last publicly disclosed Pixar picture in development before Disney’s acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios in May 2006 for $7.5 billion in stock.

The acquisition put Lasseter as the creative head at both Disney and Pixar studios and revamped the way Disney made animated films.

Lasseter was the director of the first two “Toy Story” hits and a former Disney animator.

In “Up,” 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) puts balloons on his house to fly to South America to fulfill a promise to his late wife to live in paradise.

“We start with unusual premises,” said Ed Catmull, Pixar co-founder and president of Pixar and Disney’s animated studios. “We go down a path where we’re initially always a little scared because we’re doing something brand new. It’s challenging, but out of that challenge comes the new and the interesting.”

Disney’s commitment to 3-D also reflects a move away from Disney’s traditional strength in hand-drawn films, but Catmull said some 600 hand animators remained at the studios.

Disney also planned to release four computer-animated “Tinker Bell” movies straight to DVD and Blu-ray discs every year starting in October.

In a deal announced last month, four studios — Disney, News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox, Viacom Inc.’s Paramount, and Universal Pictures, which is owned by General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal — agreed to help finance and equip 10,000 screens in the U.S. and Canada to accommodate 3-D movies.

The conversion will cost as much as $700 million and take three years.

Box office figures have shown that the enveloping feel of 3-D can attract two to three times more moviegoers who are willing to pay as much as $3 more per ticket, analysts said.

Theater owners and studios hope the offerings will help bring people back to multiplexes for an experience that cannot be matched by increasingly sophisticated home theater systems.

Toy Story Mania !!!

As I plan my latest trip BACK to Disney! (Hey its been a few years, give me a break) I came across this new AMAZING ride Disney is building called Toy Story Mania!!! I think it is ALREADY my new favorite ride!!! Check it out!

Toy Story Mania concept description :

The new attraction will be placed in the former “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” soundstage along Mickey Avenue at the Disney MGM- Studios.

Currently under construction, with an opening date of 2008.

A next generation “Living Character” audio-animatronics figure will be included as part of the pre-show queue area. The 6ft tall Mr Potato head figure will break new ground for an audio-animatronics figure by participating with the audience (similar to Turtle Talk with Crush), and will have the ability to remove body parts (just like the animated Mr Potato Head).

Each ride vehicle will accommodate 8 guests, with seating in 4 groups of 2.

Instead of physical sets, the majority of the environment will be a video display system, making use of 3D technologies.

The ride vehicles will begin by stopping at a training game, to familiarise the riders with the controls. The vehicles will then pass through a number of games, stopping at each to allow for the game play to take place.

The games are able to automatically adjust the difficulty level to suit the player. This means that beginners and expert players can find the game play rewarding and challenging.

The game play will vary with every ride, and it also has the ability to constantly change. Imagineering are not planning to leave the same games in place for the duration of the attractions lifespan. This should really add to the re-ride-ability.

During the games, the riders will be experiencing 3D imagery, wind effects, vehicle motion, water spray, and smells.

Each rider has their own toy canon. One of the unique features however, is that the canon will not be limited to being just a regular canon, as it is in Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin by being a laser blaster. In some games it will fire pies, and in another it will be eggs and balls, and in another, a ring tosser.

Games include midway style ring-toss, dart throwing, ball throwing. Each game booth will be manned by a Toy Story character, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Bo Peep and the Little Green Men.

The real emphasis on this attraction is taking the hugely successful Buzz Lightyear to the next level, and making an attraction that has huge re-ride capability. You are going to want to ride this over and over again, and the way the attraction can increase difficulty on an individual rider basis, and change game play, will really make this happen.

WDW Magic Site


I just finished watching the latest Pixar movie Ratatouille. As most of you reading this know, I am a huge Disney fan and even a bigger Pixar fan! I was never disappointed in any of the Pixar films and this was no exception. Probably the greatest thing I love about Pixar films is the unknown. What I mean as unknown is when I first hear about a computer generated movie about a fish, monsters, talking toys, cars, a fat super hero, bugs or in this case a cooking RAT, it really makes me wonder, how the HELL are they going to pull this off? You will see a trailer or a commercial and get just a teeny tiny look into the world of Pixar and it is not until the end of the movie can you piece together the vision and the magic of the Pixar vision into the world of say a rat with a passion for cooking.

It was a great movie and defiantly went in its own direction. Brad Bird, the producer’s style and vision is amazing! With Pixar your never going to get a cookie cut, formula driven cheap movie. Instead you get an original classic of animated history! It is really starting to get hard to pick a favorite Pixar movie because they all hold a special place for me as I look back at them.

The animated short called “Lifted” before the movie was very funny and a great piece in itself. You can buy it for two bucks on iTunes!

New “Ratatouille” trailer

Ratatouille Pixar – 9 Minutes Preview

Ratatouille Featurette

Next – Pixar – Ratatouille


This should be interesting! Very curious to see what direction this is going to go in :) Brad Bird is amazing! The title does not seem very Pixar! We will see!

RATATOUILLE is currently slated for a June 29, 2007 release. It’s co-directed by Brad Bird (you know, he directed IRON GIANT and THE INCREDIBLES and Bob Peterson – whose involvement with past Pixar projects ranges rom art/animation to voice work.

Ratatouille is a rat who lives in the sewers near a fancy uptown and upscale restaurant run by a famous but eccentric French chef, Chaz Morinto. This rat fancies himself a gourmand, but his father tells him he should grow up and learn to eat garbage like other rats. When Ratatouille is caught in the restaurant one night, he endangers every rat in the sewer when The Exterminator is called.

Brad Garrett as Chef Chazz
Johnny Depp as Ratatouille
Russell Allman as Snive
Christopher Lee as Pat
Keanu Reeves as Garr
Christopher Walken as Winston
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Exterminator

The trailer for Diseney/Pixar’s RATATOUILLE is now on-line. This trailer is in French…appropriately enough…and is (presumably) the same material we’ll get in English when it’s attached to CARS (which will be released June 9).

AIC News: ShoWest: Quint has seen Pixar’s RATATOUILLE trailer!!!

You can access the RATATOUILLE trailer Here

Here is the French-to-English translation!

And tonight before dessert, for your enjoyment, we introduce the cheese plate. We have this delicious goat cheese bell, real lite, real sweet. Then, an ewe that will satisfy you with its generous perfume. But, last but not least, a real old and real special…

It’s a rat!

- And there I am. I think I have to reconsider my life. There’s nothing I can do, it’s over my strength, I love good food, ok? And good food is very hard to find for a rat.

- You would find I you weren’t so requiring.
- I don’t want to eat in dustbins, dad… What’s that?
- I have no idea.
- You have no idea, but you eat it anyway, don’t you?
- You know, if you can close the exit after you throw up, you have a whole lot of possibilities for food.
- Voilà! That’s exactly what I meant.

(Over the movie title) Nothing of this would have happened I we did not live in Paris! And it’s sooo easy to find good food in Paris! But… it’s dangerous. [un-freeze].

- You have to reconsider you life!

- You know, he is right!

- Dad, it’s enough!


The title says : Diner will be served… summer 2007.

IMDB : Ratatouille (2007)

Cars from Pixar, Second trailer

The second trailer of Cars froml Pixar is available. Chris was telling me about it the other day and I just got sround to checking it out! Pixar tends to kind of piss me off most of the times. You never really have a clue about any of thier movies until a month before they come out! I guess it is the case with any movie, but damn it! I WANT TO KNOW ! hehe Anyway the movie does look KILLER! and I really can’t wait for another Pixar classic! Chris was also telling me about the website! Check it out!

Disney Presents a Pixar film ‘Cars’ :: The Official Movie Site

Pixar – Cars